Observing the dingo, we see her scarfing down gummy savers and skittles contained in the palm of her hands. Then she looks all around to watch for any prey. Continues to scarf more skittles. At this point, we know she has a healthy set of teeth. Intermittently between chews, and rounds, she sucks down some cherry fanta straight from the beautiful lagoon. The dingo will now pull out 2 packages of jolly rancher and what must be the original gummy saver wrapping. Throughout this all, the dingo must continue to be paranoid of coyotes and cheetahs and like. Through all the scarfing, the dingo scratches her head, legs, and back. Swats away flies. Now what's this? The dingo pulls out a device no other creature has ever seen. Even we dont know what it is. Now, the dingo gets a jolly rancher. We know from experience those are a hard task to tackle. Now the dingo starts to nod off. Could the binge have been associated with low blood sugar? Nope? Maybe? Well, the dingo goes in for another jolly rancher. Is this the start of diabetes?