I’m not sure if it’s something about the warm air or the glistening sunshine or the delightful smell of blooming flowers that has inspired everyone to bring out their inner asshole, but whatever it is the effects are apparent. It’s never been fun to be a non-cis/white/male bike commuter in this city, wedged between drivers that seem to think the bike lane is a convenient drop off point designed for their leisure and Lycra-swathed cyclist bros who seem to be incapable of ringing the bell on their $5000 bikes as they whiz past at 25 mph a mere two inches from me, the ambiance has room for improvement. Some things are shitty for everyone, but I’ve got a hunch that I wouldn’t get called a dumb bitch for crossing the street in front of a car blocking my lane, or harassed both for riding in the street and on the sidewalk, or yelled at and pushed in front of by my fellow (albeit slower) bikers if I had a dick between my legs or didn’t have a skirt flapping spectacularly in the wind. So next time you feel the need to should expletives at me while I’m trying to get the fuck home, try keeping your fucking mouth shut and see if it makes you less of a toxic douche bag. And to all you other non-cis/white/male bike commuters out there, stay safe, stay sane and stay ready to shout those motherfuckers down off their phallic fucking pedestals.