What a Miserable City This Is



There are miserable people everywhere. Have you lived in other cities? More than two? I have lived in Boston, NYC, and Seattle (and the Capital Region of NYS, but I don't count that as a city). Ironically, New York City was one of the hardest places to live, yet had the best people in every possible way.


after living in boston, new york, chicago and dallas i can confirm all of the above observations. if you are experiencing hostility in portland, it's very likely that the problem is you.


So true!


It feels this way because it's a sleepy town going through an ass kicking. Like a Dad telling their 'free spirit' adult child to get a job.... People are angry because they realize the work they provide doesn't pan out to much... Add all the retired people who live comfy in homes purchased for little money and a pension that pays out until death... Well you get a lot of quiet anger here. Big cities are different because of work ethic. You don't notice the asshats because everyone is busy doing their own thing.