I work at a local paint store, we pride ourselves on our extra good customer service, and we see to it that we give everyone that comes through the door the best service we can give.
That’s probably why you came into see us instead of a big box store. Anyway, it was about four months ago, you came in with an adolescent young lady, I assumed by her age difference is that you might’ve been her grandfather. After some consultation about colors, you bought 6 gallons of paint from me, a 5 gallon bucket and a single gallon. We were busy and you patiently waited, when I was finished I wield out your paint completely forgetting to charge you the $325 it should have cost. Naturally I was upset at myself for forgetting to charge you, but I was sure he would do the right thing after noticing the discrepancy and pay for your purchase. Unfortunately you never came in to do the right thing. I just wondered is that the kind of example you want to give to your daughter or granddaughter?
I nearly lost my job over it. I hope you’re enjoying your ill-gotten paint. Someday you may come back, and I assure you I will remember your face.