So all this talk of fireworks freaking out Vets with PTSD, or dogs, or us humans. So do you think it just not much an issue as well, you're dog come sneaking up on me full bark and speed and scare me to shits? I have headphones going, in my own world as usual and trying to enjoy my peaceful walk through the neighborhood. So much for that. Sometimes, you the owner right there. Sometimes you do something real leniently. Most times you do nothing. Theres 2 houses in particular in my neighborhood. Dogs come up running and screaming. I've learned to avoid 1. Sometimes I think its 5 in the morning, I wont expect your dog. Nope. Hey it makes you feel safe from burglars and terror. Right on. I dont blame your dogs. They're doing what any dog would do. In fact, I think they're enjoying themselves. You're the inconsiderate ass that might as well be launching fireworks at midnight. BTW, fireworks ain't shit here in Portland compared to where I grew up. So get over it. Well one time, would it be okay if i came running up to you while you're watering your lawn and start yelling? That sounds fun to me.