If "graffiti writer" was a fucking costume, yo, you guys win. Seriously though, it's like a fucking myscenesucks cartoon come to life. We both have on windbreakers. Work pants: check. Paint stains on work pants. Check. Paint stains on hands? You better believe it, or your not hardcore. High water socks and low top cons? A must!! How fucking hot topic can you get? Shopping bags packed with blankets? Nothing in here. It's like a bad fucking Instagram post....oh wait. You're on Instagram looking at your own pages of your own tags. Better make sure you've got plenty of phone battery. You should just be wearing t-shirts that say "eh, you write?" When did this become a fucking Instagram sport? You're not really getting up unless it's at night in an abandoned house and you've balled off some foil. You'll be done in a year. Instagram is for toys. Go snap some more "flicks" and paint in your safe spaces. Mom called, she said take a nap.