Thank you to the jackass that was driving a Black NEW kia Soul who hit my car on 82nd and Milton street this morning . In front of 4 witnesses , none whom thought to get the license plate. But the good thing is it's just a scratch . Do you know my insurance agent told me that if they stopped and say I don't have insurance , then it's a 200 deductible . But if it is a hit and run, which it was, then it's 300 . FOR A SCRATCH. I don't think so . Point is watch where you are going . However, the best point is it's just a scratch . It's a sunny day. I have
congestive heart failure . But I am alive . yes I am . I am not homeless like so many . I have a house with a office room and a computer . I'm not broke . I am not on heroin anymore . Since Feb 12th, 2017 . Whoo hooo, kudos to me . So will I let the bitch ruin my day ? Hell no . This is fun. I could write a book like this . No one can respond and tell me my grammar or other things are wrong. People love to point out that in these blog or chat's . I only finished the sixth grade, but I did get a GED . Not everyone's the same or has the same education level. love this blog .