They're people.
I sat own and read a few pages of I, Anonymous's, and found that at least once per page their was some dude saying he saw a girl and that she's "the most beautiful person" he's ever seen.
Every guy is INSTANTLY in love based purely off of the "grace" or "aura" or "tenderness" of someone they creeped on for like 5 minutes at a lecture or on the bus or even in out their window EVERY MORNING.
Guys, life isn't a sad 90s' alt-rock song. You're not some misunderstood romantic gazing at a lonely girl across a room, you're a creeper staring at someone you don't know.
Oh, almost forgot my favorite part, which is every one ending with something akin to "why don't you talk to me next time?"
Because they don't know you, and have no reason or obligation to know/trust/engage with you. Putting someone on a pedestal and complimenting their physical appearance before you even know their name is about as effective as wearing a "Federal Body Inspector" hat.
You wanna compliment folks? Fine, but do it with no hope/expectation that anything will happen, and apply it to people you are NOT sexually attracted to.
You wanna date someone? Go find other singles, and even then make sure you treat them LIKE FUCKING PEOPLE.