It was my first time eating breakfast at your place of employment on Saturday, hungry and excited to try a new place. Once I was seated and you stumbled to pour my water, I was glad you were ok and didn’t spill or hurt yourself. As you composed yourself and clumsily poured, you asked if I wanted coffee and then announced “It’s just mindless, isn’t it? Waiting tables? I had a couple drinks before I came to work!” of which I heard the variation of for every tabletop you had in your section. You didn’t have a “hair of the dog” before you came in, the amount of booze on your breath proved you hadn’t even been to bed. It was 8 in the morning, your cafe was slammed, and you’re telling everyone you’re shitfaced. It wasn’t funny because you’re a liability to your employers when inebriated (and believe me honey, you were tossed!) and unsafe for customers stumbling around. I hope you get some help, because showing up to work like that isn’t cute, or amusing, and the families with children didn’t need to have a shining example of a drunk letting them in on why waiting tables is “mindless” with breath that could be lit on fire. I was embarrassed for you and for your employers, and if you made it though that shift, a lot of people were made aware that you’re a fucking idiot by your own admission and by even showing up in that state in the first place. #winning