I'm really sorry that your therapy dog (TD) is very old and sick with an incurable disease. I can't even imagine what kind of torment you must be going through. I get that you don't want to let her go yet. And I have a great deal of sympathy for you as you try and manage TD's well-being while also trying to be effective at your job.

But when you leave TD at your desk and she starts barking because she can't find you, and then takes a messy, smelly shit on the carpet next to my desk because you aren't there to take her out, my patience and sympathy go out the window. Not with TD. She can't help it. But with you. Even more so when you clean up that smelly shit and then throw it in the trash can NEXT TO MY DESK.

(For the record: If you have TD for medical reasons, shouldn't she be with you, anyway?)

Remember that when you flounce off to a meeting and don't take TD with, or have your earphones in and don't physically tie TD to your desk, it's our collective job to watch TD walk away from her pee pad and take a shit on the carpet, then watch you act surprised as if it's NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

Please consider what your asking of TD, and of us. She isn't well, and she isn't happy, and it isn't our job to manage her symptoms for you while also trying to do OUR jobs.


-Dog lover and desk mate