Please allow me to quickly set the stage... Rolling downtown to work by bike this morning and I'm a block away from my turnoff. Some Lyft/Uber/Taxi driver aggressively turns into me from behind (huh-huh). I turn off and there's a delivery truck is stopped while the car ahead let's out a woman on crutches for work.

Here we go... Said "taxi" driver starts blowing his horn even though he can't see what's going on ahead of the delivery truck. I gesture politely to him to chill on the horn. Dude gives me the bird immediately. Real quick, this guy look like Santa became a herion addict, got clean, and started driving a taxi. Anywho, I tell Kurt Cobain's/Santa's lovechild to roll down his window. "What the fuck do you want?!?!?," he exclaims.

I calmly inform him that he's honking at woman on crutches going to work. "Why the fuck should I care?!?!" he ask. "Because you have a fucking handicap placard hanging from your rearview window dude!!!," I reply.

"Fuck you asshole!!!," yells the offspring of Gandalf and Willie Nelson.

C'mon Portland!!! We can and must do better.