I understand when things do not work out and ending things with someone. But when someone ends something via a text message it makes the entire connection and time spent together feel like complete bullshit.
In a way it makes it easier to move on but it’s still hurtful. I see you now as a sweet talker who uses the word ‘special’ to manipulate women into thinking there is a connection. I am well aware of the lies men and women tell in the beginning stages to woo the other. It’s considered the most untruthful stage in dating, I am almost too aware of this. But I still feel dooped because for a lady like me who rarely opens her heart to anyone and although it’s a slow progression of vulvernability, there is a part of me that didn’t want it to be bullshit. And although my mind called bullshit then and calls it bullshit now, I 100% felt special when you were around. That conflict with my mind is why I find dating to be so confusing.
So I hope you read this, so on your quest for kinky sex, the moment you do find a girl who you think is special, communicate and be honest with her.

After all of course we all want that endless non stop kind of love where you grow old together and then when the other dies, you sit alone at a pancake house looking sad

For now, I feel sorry for you and yes I am still rooting for your happiness. Cuz that’s just who I choose to be. Sassy, caring and empowered.