You must be new to instagram if you are unaware that everyone can see the photos you like and the recent people you follow. It’s like a compulsion every time you start dating someone new to check.

I realized early on the women you like and how consistently you were following new local women. Still dated you. After all you prompted the term dating, that was your convo, not mine. I gave you the benefit of the doubt.
I waited. Because women like me are rare. Not stupid but secure in the information we know and in the confidence of who we are. Tik Tok the clock started when you cried during sex because I am pretty sure that was a guilt cry, not a ‘falling in love’ kind of cry.
And when people like me give you the love and affection and we don’t get it back, we move on.
Because Portland women are confident and we have this ability to read through bullshit and have other women’s back. XOXO
P.s And yes I did want it to be something more, but I am not naive. We all have purpose and sometimes we just need someone to cuddle with.