I'd like to address this to all the people who willingly walk around advertising some company or brand on your chests. Just stop it. I can kinda understand having a logo on a polo shirt, but just barely, and I don't do it; but, otherwise you are just a walking billboard that YOU paid for the privledge of adding to their "brand".

And to the co-worker today with a certain Sportswear Company located in Beaverton (the outdoor one not the running one) on your chest; you look like a repair man walking around with a brown stripped shirt. I know I don't recognize half you boys (they aren't old enough to be men, and we rarely hire woman or people of color) because you'll be gone in a few months and why bother; but have some respect for yourself and stop advertising huge conglomerates for free, why no one cares where you got your shirt. You just look dumb.

p.s. if you get a shirt for free from some weed brand that's fine where that, but if you buy it they should pay your for the advertising.