Theres nothing pretty to a city. In directors commentaries, it's always said, the city was another character, or this photography was a postcard to the city. Yea, yea, yea. If you're still watching this and you are not a director or in the movie business, you need to be outside. Yea, yea, yea. For cities like New York and LA especially, showing Times Square, palm trees, shopping malls, trendy, expensive shops, Hollywood signs, Beverly Hills, Central Park etc. Like Portland, people are moving here endlessly for the weird, cool, friendly, so chill vibe, liberal, green, and trendy Hawthorne, Alberta, Mississippi, Sellwood, etc areas. But does anyone see or show the real depiction once the illusion wears off? The congestion of people and cars, traffic, tents and garbage littering downtown? Did I mention tents all over Portlan metro, garbage all over? Dof I mention litter all over this city? So pretty, right? You people are blind and clueless.