I love the Waterfront Blues Festival. I go every year, I donate food and I volunteer. Opening day, July 4th, was ruckus. Exciting loud groups all day. The last act was the Robert Cray Band. He is not as loud as most of the other groups that day. Or any day. But he is wonderful. I was not close to the stage but had a great view of one of the big screens. Off to my left there was a group of people, in their 30's mainly, who talked and laughed through Cray's whole performance. After Cray was done, and before the fireworks started, a woman who was sitting in front of this "yakking" group, stood up, turned to face them and scolded them for their rudeness. She was polite but the "yakking" group was not. They verbally attacked her. Told her that "Portland was supposed to be friendly" and "We paid the same amount you did to get in." She was right but even I did not support her. I apologize to that courageous woman for her actions.