Let's work together as a team, understand others talents or weaknesses and get the job done. We were thrown into a chaotic situation and had to figure it out. Our leader thought we did a great job. Except you. One person wants this, the next person wants the opposite. I'm in the middle, trying to see all sides. One day, you're nice, and about team, "can you help me?" The next, your ego, your pride, "I was a grocery bagger, I got this."
You lost me. I wont trust you'll have my back and I dont know I'd have yours. Hey, I'm temperamental, have OCD, knows what works, how to work with efficiency and quality, but in these situations I'm a good assistant. I like things a certain way in my real job. I think with imagination and creativity, and know everything is possible. You're the type to squash ideas and think things will not work out all because it wasnt your idea. Btw, another coworker and I thought the same of your "tude." Btw, nice you 2 formed a click because boy wants dick in her vagina. You 2 only work together and don't help anyone else out were also the whitest of all of us and also left together early.
"Why are they getting paid, they aren't doing anything?" Why is it a threat to you? You're getting paid, they're getting paid.
"What did that dude ask?" Dont know but you were basically rude and unhelpful to a customer then turned to me to gossip like a soap opera drama queen.
"I can smell the alcohol from his breath from here." Snitch him out. Is he bothering you? Just do your job. Be happy. Were making money. Or else go because you're a drag to work with!