“How to Operate a Festival” (man-splained) so…….how many of you work in the industry (not a question asked). Who puts out fires? Everyone, duh, again as if everyone in the crowd knows or gives fucks enough to know what you are talking about, it’s smokey the bear idiots…..thank you for the free beer. Do we ever ever ever ever ever give out free beer? NOOOOOO the crowd yells, and how do we get signed in to camp? We don’t’ know the crowd yells, how many walkie talkies are there? Which camp and where? Ok kinda makes sense. 7 walkie talkies it seems, we think, because it seems like there are 7 bars and each bar is called what? And where are they located on the property? And wait, where is the free water and the smoking areas and yes, just like smokey the bear we are all in charge of putting forest fires out, especially if they are on the Pendarvis land……….Gentlemen that have been in charge on pickathon crew for the last two decades, I ask questions because you need me as a volunteer and because I need to know what the fuck is going on while im there! Listen, I don’t want your job, I don’t want to get paid, I want to be there for the others that have paid waaaaay tooooo much money to be there for the weekend of fun, if a sound makes a sound like an asshole then maybe it is, but for me I just want to dance and pour some fucking beer!