You knew I wanted that spot



There was a psychological/sociological study done once (you'll know how dated it is when I mention it involves pay phones) that noted that when someone is in a parking spot or on a pay phone and someone is waiting for the spot or to use the phone, the person in the spot or using the phone takes significantly longer to leave than if there is no one waiting. Basically, people at their core are passive aggressive assholes. Here in the Pacific Northwest, passive aggression is a PLAGUE and it is SO MUCH WORSE. As a disabled person requiring handicapped accessible parking, I've learned people leave much faster if you roll up next to them and ask them if they are leaving. Simply waiting just puts you at the mercy of their PA bullshit.


@5 In the heat, I'll start my car to get the AC going while I'm shuffling my papers, perusing my texts, figuring out where I'm going next.... Write me a ticket.


And I do all my cell phone work before driving and after parking. I only answer incoming hands free calls while driving. And it is my spot not yours go ahead and blow a cork, btw were you blocking traffic on the main road while waiting for me to leave? Or were you waiting in a yellow zone behind me?