To my athletic neighbor with her lab- glad you had some special off leash bonding moments while you hiked the Oregon Trail. Your lab is always 20 feet away from you near our SE apartment and big doofus is there off leash blocking the elevator exit when I am trying to exit with my little rescue. "My dog is friendly" "He has superior training you should learn to train your dog to my standard""It doesn't bother anybody else". I'm betting it does and I'm not the only one grinding my teeth about your selfishness. You've been discourteous for so long that you think "It's my goddamn right". Heard of: people who been bit by dogs/PTSD and are scared, people with mobility issues who might get spooked/or try to avoid and take a spill, or people with limited insight who judge their dog to be friendly and then it kills my small dog(seen that happen). Please act like you live in a community that matters to you and ask yourself how things might affect others. Laurelhurst Park and Normandale Park have great off leash areas.