I picked up the bottle long ago
An instant friend I’m born to know
A warm embrace, no judgement there
Acceptance, love, without a care
An elixir cool and warm at once
A shield against the thing that hunts
The thing that seeks me without end
Reminds me I deserve no friend
Against the world and on my own
Always outnumbered and alone
I’ll have a drink and set this right
Make a plan this very night
Drown the failure, scrub the stain
Fill this heart that leaks cold pain
Roar with laughter, feel alive
I’m whole again, I will survive
Drift off in peace, it’s all okay
Tomorrow’s just another day
And then the sickness of the dawn
The bottle’s empty, hope is gone
Shaking, sweating without end
Guilt and hate and hours blend
I know this well, this hellish cost
Before I rolled the dice I’d lost
I’ll learn the truth one day at last
When the bottle kills me with the past