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Not using a shower curtain does not create a mold problem. My mother was a landlord for 13 years and only ever had to evict someone once (they were drug dealers) and never complained about people she rented to like the endless series of whiny assholes here. Oh boo fucking hoo that you have to treat people like more than an ATM machine if you are providing a place for them to live. Boo fucking hoo that you have rules you have to follow. Rent in Portland is OBSCENE and all you hear is landlords whining and crying and bitching and moaning about how hard their fucking lives are. Fuck you.


That "one less rental house" you're going to make even more money doing AirBnB now? And the only one who "turned you into" a member of the party of racism for profit is you.


BTW, your attorney gives really shitty advice.


@6 Yes christina has all the answers.
@3 one less rental unit means he's probably selling the house on the open market and it will be owner occupied. Much like many small landlords are doing because Portland has made it impossible to be a small landlord and control your own property.


@6 Having an opinion is not the same as having all the answer. i have strong opinions. Why I am the only one that ever gets called out on this forum is beyond me when there are plenty of other people expressing their strong opinions, too. Bye, Felicia!


@11 not using a shower curtain does not cause a mold problem! getting water everywhere and not cleaning it up does. plenty of people don't have shower curtains and don't have mold problems (maybe they take baths, the scenarios are endless). Also, plenty of people who DO have shower curtains have mold problems. A shower curtain's absence or presence does not equal mold problems. WATER CAUSES MOLD. You're entitled to your opinion about me, but telling me who I am and what my life is and what I do (based on what happens here in this forum) when you do not know me personally, is just that, your opinion. So go ahead, think and believe what you want about me. It doesn't change any of the opinions I have nor will it change anything I post here in the future. BYE.


@14, no I do not have a shower curtain. I have a shower enclosed by glass doors. The second bathroom has a huge tub (also a shower head) but no shower curtain as no shower curtain is needed for the tub.

Lived in Brooklyn once and I DID have a shower curtain and the apartment (entire building actually) had a huge mold problem. The landlord liked to paint over the mold as the fix. It was caused by leaking of pipes within the walls and not by any tenant living in the building who had or didn't have a shower curtain. Saying that mold is caused by not having a shower curtain is just fucking beyond stupid. But keep on doubling down. God you are a hate filled piece of shit, aren't you, Felicia?


Oh, one more thing. I care if you die. I care A LOT.


Landlords are not responsible for cleaning up mold caused by a tenant's actions while living in the property. If the tenant does not allow air movement and allows excess moisture to accumulate it is their responsibility and they can be warned, they have pre-printed forms at the Rental housing alliance, and evicted if they don't change their behavior. A landlord is responsible for providing a clean mold free unit at time of move in. But are not responsible for cleaning the mold caused by tenant's actions, only their own (broken bath fan, unopenable bath room window, leaky roof, or a dripping, cracked water line or drain pipe). They also are required to provide running water, working toilets and bathing systems, safe electrical systems, and provide water service and garbage service ( for which, upon prior to signing the contract between the two parties and agreed upon by both, tenant can be charged for these in addition to the rent).

Also rents are not the only thing sky high in Portland. The city of Portland takes two months of all four of my units total rent in taxes each year. $8,000 a year and going up 3% annually. I held rents for my 1 bedroom apartments in se near Hawthorne at $1000 a month for the last four years.

And I am a great landlord who works for my employers, the tenants.

And right on Felicia! CR is just another uniformed Passive aggressive ass.


well, that escalated quickly.


Holy shitty mold! Do any of you tweeter's of this site have a life outside of your post's? Just what the fuck is wrong with being a native Oregonian?