Hey you, where'd you get that dog?



They don't care. I'm with you 100%, but people don't care. Humans are shitty.


Sorry. A mutt is not as beautiful as my Doberman. Uncropped ears of course! But so muscular and chiseled and loving and kind to me. Also the perfect body guard against those dangerous crazy criminals who choose live on the streets.


@1 ditto


Don't think this is in reference to me because I didn't have a pug and pitbull with me, but I have a black young dog/have a Subaru, so fuck it, here it goes.

I have adopted three animals from the humane society, and the purebred dog I got was from a respectable breeder here in the PNW (fuck puppy mills).

Fuck you, you don't know me. When is the last time you volunteered at the the Humane Society you judgmental prick? Don't judge people just based on the dog they have. You're one of the many sanctimonious fucking people here in Portland who sit outside a coffee shop (pretty sure I know which one) judging people walking by after they pulled a full shift. Maybe someone gets a puppy for reasons you don't consider, such as raising it to relate well with the rescue animals someone already has at home.

Fuck you and fuck everyone who comments on this thread supporting you rushing to judgement.