Everyone knows microwaves. Food explodes and noone cleans it. Dishes too. Noone washes them or can even load them into the dishwasher. They sit on countertops or in the sink for days. Some of you folks desks has dirty utensils and dishes sitting there for days. Must be so busy working, huh? Or is it real chill to be so absent minded and carefree? Folks must walk right into mud puddles, branches, dirt, and leaves and clearly have no clue to wipe off shoes because theres a forest under your desk. How about all your coffee, tea and soda spills? Is the drink and food even going in your mouth, with all the crumbs too on your desk or under it? Oh yeah, all the Starbucks cups you buy everyday, sometimes multiple times a day kinda contradicts how you promote recycling and turning off lights, dont you think? Anyway, learn what recycling is because it is not paper towel or plastic cups. Food. Oh lord. Food in the office scene. Snacks too. Do you even work? The bathroom, especially you lady, first thing 7 am, you're in the bathroom. I'm trying to imagine you leaving your house wheres theres a bathroom, hopefully you have one but if you didnt, it would explain why you charge in to the bathroom first thing, then use it 5 times throughout the day. You spend more time in the bathroom than working I bet. But somehow I think that's your plan. Then you folks that shower in the sink then the water falls to the ground and you pretty much play in it, then track your nasty shoes all over the floor. Sitting and food, no wonder many of you need to lose weight. You guys disgust me.