You've been asked to schedule when you're gonna use the building. I've asked you nicely. Other people have asked you. It's gone completely ignored and disrespected. Your response to me was, "I never know I'm coming until the minute I decide." Wow, you fly by the seat of your pants. Such bullshit. Let's admit you're a priviledge and entitled asshole. Youre a volunteer and a member so that's why but that's no excuse. Its the same thing every week. I'm so sick of seeing your face. Do you not understand that when you show up unannounced it affects the staff who have to function in the building where we rely on the CALENDAR of events? But you dont care. And you'll never change. For that I fuck with all the things you work on. I leave tissues on the desk you work at. I disorganize everything you just organized. What if someone is using the space ahead of you and already signed up for it? This might be the answer... just last week as i was doing my job and you showed up unannounced, you said, "i can leave if you want?" Why would you go anywhere without previous planning to be sure its okay? Why would you go anywhere only to have to leave? That explains alot of your time too. You're an idiot. I wish I could show up at your house at 3 am.