Hey Portland, I love you, but could you please come up with some better questions to ask me other than the following: 1.) "What do you do (for work)?" I really don't feel like talking about my crappy job with you, not to mention the fact that that's kinda an insensitive question to ask considering how many of us here are involved in some kinda sex work which is a subject that you really don't seem like you could handle with much maturity and/or respect. (2) "Why'd you move to Portland?" Uhhh, I moved here over 10 years ago? And quite frankly I don't even remember anymore, but again, most of us escaped a shitty former life that we'd rather not discuss with the likes of a stranger. Other than that, I moved here for the same reasons that virtually every other freakin' transplant moves to this city. 3.) "What kinda music do you listen to?" What do I gotta listen to only one genre of music? What do expect me to say other than, "I listen to everything"? "I ONLY listen to Reggae and only Reggae?" I'm a normal human being who listens to whatever happens to touch my soul at whatever particular moment I happen to be listening to music. So in the future, can you please try to be a little bit more thoughtful when you randomly inquire about the life of a complete stranger? I have faith in you, and if all else fails, just stick to talking about the weather.