Hey "helpful" dude in the trader joe's parking lot, it is legal in Oregon to wear headphones while driving, douche bag. I'll bet you moved here from California. What went through your mind when you decided to scold me about wearing earphones, I'll never know. I really wonder if you would have done that if I were a man. And I am positive you would not have. The same way all the men who decide to take it upon themselves to tell me how to manage my car, or my bike, or my fucking helmet. Listen! I am an adult human being. I do not need your permission to go through life making my own choices about wearing earphones or not. And a big fuck you to all of the men that decide it is your god given right to tell a woman what to do. When you tap your ear with a disapproving look at a 250lb man, get back to me and we'll talk. But for now, go fuck yourselves.