Listen, I get it. We're all out here trying to get home, frustrated by how those *other drivers* cut people off, or follow too closely, or *cheat* and *manipulate* their way into a better spot in a merge. But passive aggressive driving is not an effective way of combating that behavior; in fact, it often slows down traffic and makes things more miserable for everyone involved. Yes, Tesla McFuckface maybe *did* get in the right lane to pass you and is now trying to get back in before the lane ends. But by riding the bumper of the person in front of you and not letting him in, you're making both that person and the person in front of you upset, and there's always a possibility that Tesla McFuckface is actually a stressed out teenager, or a confused grandma, or a bumbling tourist, or a young Jon Mulaney Trying His Best. Also, just go with a zipper merge, it makes the most sense. And if someone does something dangerous, don't fume about it and take it out on everyone around you; just honk, that's what it's for.