Dear Scumbag Hippie: Put down your drumsticks, pick up a hammer, and finish the construction on your fucking house! Not only has your house been a goddamn eyesore without any proper windows, siding, or walls for the last TWO YEARS, but also your drum playing SUCKS!! We can all (your other neighbors complain too!) hear it over our TVs with the windows closed. Nobody wants to hear that shit after 10 pm when we're trying to settle down after a hard day at work. And don't even think about picking up a different instrument because you'll suck at that too! This wouldn't be an issue if your goddamn house had finished walls with insulation, siding, and windows. How the hell can you live in squalor like that anyways?! So the next time I hear erratic banging with no rhythm coming from your house, you had better be out there with a fucking hammer.