Beware your Utopia.



Wow. You really blame progressivism for the disaster in Venezuela? It's the fault of universal health care and education? Really?? It wouldn't be the US backed dictator who we helped to oust the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED leader, who was at the time presiding over the most successful period in that nation's history? By the time we turned against Meduro (for essentially beating us at our own game), he had robbed the country so blind they couldn't afford to eat and the worthless currency could been seen littering the gutters.

It wasn't the social saftey net or anything else that you've been brainwashed to blame for all the world's problems. You need to get your head out of the Foxhole.


Hey Joey, you got chased out of town by rain and stagecraft this weekend. How'd that feel?


Our country has basically stolen cash from Venezuela under the name of "sanctions." We refuse to allow them access to their own money residing in American and European banks. It has also made it impossible for that country to buy many goods internationally on credit, which is what most countries do when they trade with other countries. I don't suppose the douchebags at MSNBC or the New York Times mention that, huh? Yes, it must be Maduro's fault.

If someone stole your cash and ripped up your credit cards, how easy would it be to pay the mortgage and feed your kids? And then people tell you what a terrible person you are.




Hooray #5 -- and also, does anybody know how the PeePee event proceeded on Sunday? I would love to see photos of JG standing in the rain with HA and the two other supporters who showed up. I sought but did not find coverage of the event promised by JG.


Wow obviously I'm never going to understand any of this until I score an internship at the Merc. Any openings?