20 years.



If by "the world" you mean the United States, then OK.

Because nobody else has a mass shooting problem. Just "us".

"The world" outside of the US is actually in pretty good condition, from a social aspect at least.


One's opinion does not equal fact. Most of the mass shootings in the last 20 years have been by deeply disturbed white males who are angry and have access to weapons they have no business having access to in any way (facts). If society's lack of empathy was a cause of mass shootings, we'd have far more shootings and they would be committed by demographics of truly marginalized people (more facts).

Get rid of guns and white supremacist misogynist ideology and watch that shit improve (even more facts).


Every mass shooting is a result of fragile men and firearms.


Isn't the thing they all have in common is that they're white dudes who have a history of violence against women?


So all we have to do is make sure everyone has plenty of empathy, make sure everyone has a shot at a bright future, and make sure no one ever wants to hurt anyone else just for kicks. I'm on board! But can we tightly control guns and who is able to access them while we're working on that?


Agree w/ OP. Its sad the responses focus on race and gender, again by those that also lack empathy.


This counts as a 'mass-shooting' in the national data base. It doesn't fit your narrative, so you may not be interested. THIS IS AN US PROBLEM.


I think it's definitely anus problem.


Actually, it's the shooters who lack empathy.