To the Reservoir-Dogs-looking-Mr.-Puce-motherfucker who parked his car along the curb, walked around to the passenger side door, and took out a shotgun whilst 4 feet away and in full view of several picnic tables full of bar patrons looking on in confused fear: use your goddamn brain. The fact that you just came back from camping doesn't matter; the fact that you were only skeet shooting doesn't matter; the fact that your timing to meet your dinner companion was tight doesn't matter. All I saw was a white dude in an "outfit" checking the chamber of a clearly loaded gun outside of a busy bar. There have been almost 250 mass shootings in this country in 2019 alone, and after every single one it becomes more and more clear that the threat of violence is never far away. Navigating this place as a fat, black, queer woman is shit enough; I am not interested in having to tell strange white men why brandishing shotguns at the bar is problematic, because for all I know the person who doesn't have enough sense to NOT fucking do that also might not have enough self-reflection to hear the feedback that they're being an insensitive asshat. If I knew who hell you were I would charge you for my next 5 weeks of therapy.