Sober You Suck



Maybe you should just be happy for your friend, that they are still alive and doing better. Maybe you should try living in the present and realize things are never going to be the way they were, it's called growing up and moving on. Things that happened in the past are just memories and mostly fiction created by our brains. And YES you're an asshole, not because of the way you treat your friend, but because you use the word "Cali". Only pretentious assholes use that word.


Nah. If you said San Fran, then you’d be an asshole. It’s okay to be happy for your friend and also be annoyed by them.


I think you're both the asshole.



Part of growing up is growing apart from old friends.


There's nothing like sobriety to show you who your friends are... Or in this case, aren't.


Wrenching and riding scooters helps keep me sober too. Other than the animals in cages trying to kill me, I think it works. BTW - an Iron Head is a Sportster. If your friend is like me you can call them Scooter Trash.


I celebrated 30 years of continuous sobriety last labor day! You sound like one of my many past drinking buddies. Maybe one of the ones who died in a drink crash or od'd. I have exactly two friends from those days ago who I drank with, they are golden, and yes they both told me, at about one year,. "Hey dude glad your sober but shut the fuck up already! Now hand me that wrench so we can get this (Jeep, bike, or truck). On the road.". Oh the fun I have had sober, and the money I have used to prepare myself for retirement and the great friends I have now. All worth it. Oh and those two thirty year plus friends, they grew out of partying hearty and have an occasional beer at the picnic. I however know that of I drink I risk everything good I have on one spin of the roulette wheel, with the only prize being the ability to waste my money on things I piss down the toilet. And those friends I love them and they love me. So stop being an ass and be a friend, and grow up and get a bike or old car spend clean time with your buddy wrenching, make memories!