So Many Others Face So Much More



And so many people in this country believe it is perfectly fine that this is being done. Make no mistake, they will do this to ANYONE THEY WANT TO DO IT TO, they have been doing it, are doing it, and will continue to do it until they are stopped. The question we need to ask is who is going to stop them? And are we going to have to start hiding people in like Jews were hidden from the Nazis?


*in our homes


Meanwhile the Whitehouse is fine with Turkey slaughtering the Kurds, Russia annexing Crimea (while he dangles military aid), North Korea flying missiles over Japan and MURDERING AN AMERICAN PRISONER, Saudi Arabia chopping up a prominent American-based journalist, and China crushing the democracy of Hong Kong. I don't believe in hell but I love fantasizing about him being in it while John Constantine eternally extinguishes cigarettes on his pee hole.