We all know Portland as the “strip club capital”. But Portland, you need to do better.

Some of you don't realize (and some of you do, but feel entitled anyway): dancers DO NOT get payed by the clubs, they pay a "house fee" in order to work! So, after dancing for hours (not to mention the amount of emotional labor involved) if people aren’t tipping (and this happens, A LOT), those dancers can go home OWING the club money.

Because dancers are independent contractors, clubs make money off the dancers while dancers sometimes make nothing. The clubs aren’t going to change anytime soon; they make too much money off the backs of their entertainers, and there are no repercussions for customers freeloading. THAT is what makes clubs exploitative, not the act of dancing naked itself.

So be a decent human being: pay your entertainers. WE SEE YOU, sitting at that table that you think is just far enough away. We see you cheating free glances when you think we don’t notice. This is stealing someone’s time and energy, and it is NOT okay.

When you tip, think about it; do you really think $1 or $2 dollars is adequate? How much would you spend on a latte or a cocktail? A performer revealing her naked body while trying to make YOU feel special deserves more than a couple bucks. Period. “Just here to watch the game"? Do us a favor and go to Red Robin or someplace people are not trying to pay their rent by entertaining you. Just "having a business meeting" and don't intend to tip? Have some respect and go to a regular bar. Portland, let’s make this a win-win for EVERYONE involved. Now that you know better, DO better.