I work at a hospital in Portland and was sexually assaulted by a patient. I spoke up the moment it happened because that's what us girls are told to do right? I wish I didn't. I wish I didn't tell anyone he trapped me in that room and touched my body. I wish I didn't tell anyone I he kissed me and spoke into my ear. I wish I didn't tell anyone that I can still smell his cheap cologne. because when you speak up they fail you. they tell you it wasn't a violation ENOUGH. They tell you they support you in an email and then avoid you in the hallways. they send you to every department to tell your story to be redirected to another department to tell your story again. for what? in the end they don't help you. because METOO is just a label and the label is a target on your back. your manager can put any spin on your story he desires to make his clinic look better. METOO? how does a hashtag help. how is it swept so silently under the rug. this is why we stay silent. speak up? why? so a mother who needs to support her children can now be leveraged between staying afloat financially and drowning emotionally. you stole my inner Beyoncé and left a small soul holding their knees rocking back and forth.