One big reason our streams are so toxic. People wouldn’t feel the need to use Drano one of the worst toxins/poisons that go into our streams. You can try as a homeowner or apartment dweller to unclog your drain with white vinegar baking soda and plunging it, but if that doesn’t work and you need to call a plumber it can cost $375 for a plumber to just use a snake devise down your drain.
For a hour worth of work or less that plumber gets $375
dollars. Who can afford that on a regular basis or ever no wonder people keep using Drano. You can get drain traps which help, don’t even bother to use a garbage disposal because when they get messed up ...a plumber is needled. Drano also eats away the pipes, plumbers make money off of that. Plumbers should not make using a snake devise so pricey that the masses of low income people have no alternative then to use harmful chemicals.Everyone should be on board in protecting our environment.Even union plumbers.