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Fuck Ronald Reagan. He purposefully and willfully and gleefully allowed hundreds of thousands of Americans to die horrific deaths because he refused to care about the lives of every one of them simply because they had HIV/AIDS. He was one of the most pro-death motherfuckers on the face of this earth. Pro-life in this country means one thing and one thing only, controlling women's bodies and forcing them to give birth. We do NOTHING in this society to take care of people. We have one of the highest mortality rates for pregnant women, new mothers, and newborn infants. We shame children who can't pay for lunch. We vilify the poor. We allow people to live and die on the streets. We deny health care to those who can't pay. We are a sick, violence obsessed, death obsessed, hate filled, fucked up beyond belief society made up of a sick, violence obsessed death obsessed, hate filled, fucked up beyond belief species.


These days I’m finding it hard to avoid succumbing to conspiracy theories. I just can’t seem to separate one outrage or injustice from another. It’s almost like the world is run by a small group of mostly old, mostly men, who use “social” issues (gender, sexuality, religion, so-called “race”) to divide us and distract us so they can take all the stuff and use it to control us. That can’t be true, can it?


This may be the best I, Anon I've ever read. Bravo


Yes, this!


Nun raping, drug running, just say no while creating the crack epidemic to fund his secret, illegal war mother f'r. I wish I could bring him back from the dead so I could kill him again.


This should be an Editorial or Letter to the Editor in the newspapers.
And a Sinclair Broadcasting 'Must Read.'

The Gypper left so much Devastation in his wake...
(Oct. 31st is when we oughtta remember him.)
Yet he's thought of as saintly.
Musta been his smile...