I'm in the passenger seat and we're driving fast to see the movie "Parasite." We're at a stop and homeless person is standing there with one of those cardboard signs with some strange message that I can't understand. I fish into my pocket for a dollar bill to hand to him and when I get it I gesture to him to come over and then my friend gets the green light and hits the gas. I looked at his face and it seemed without expression. I felt a bit down over the entire thing. At the movie I suddenly start thinking about the whole thing and about my upbringing and how Jesus would help the man but not many Christians today do. It was stopping me from enjoying the movie. And then I realized that Jesus did not have movies or any place to get to in a hurry in his day so he could stop and help people who needed help. If Jesus was driving his car and was late for a movie or for his job he probably would not stop either. With this thought I turned back to the movie but I still did not enjoy it but that was because it was a silly and depressing movie, not because I was still thinking about the homeless guy, which I was not.