All those fucking years of marijuana prohibition, all those lives ruined in jail, all those cops waisting time busting people for NOTHING, all that money going into the legal system. Portland has pot on every corner and people smoking it everywhere and NOTHING has changed. Those motherfuckers who scared the "good people" about pot because it was in their interest are all rotting in hell or going to rot in hell. And all the conforming assholes who cheered on pot prohibition or did nothing to stop it stink worse than the most foul corpse. And all those goddamn alcoholics (my mother for one) who ruined their lives because of their addiction to spirits might have been better served by using marijuana. We still have SOBs calling weed a "Gateway Drug." You bastards! You know what is a "Gateway Drug?" Poverty, cynicism, pollution, economic inequality, hunger, and a lack of health care.