You were really stunning. Cheerleader. Rose Festival candidate. A year behind me. Liked by everyone and coveted by all the guys, and therefore, of course, well out reach for the nerds and geeks like me. And therein is the tale-and a genuine thank you.
A couple years after high school I ran into you at the PSU candy counter. Hi, how are you , Hi, fine. You didn’t really remember me. But you were as sweet and beautiful as ever. That evening, I wondered, what would she say if I called? Would I have the courage to ask out the prettiest girl in school?
You lived on Tolman and your family name was in what used to be called the “White Pages.” So I called and asked for a date. Of course you said no. It wasn’t like in the movies, where the beauty and the goofball get together and live happily ever after. But from that phone call and forever after, I was never scared to call a woman. If I was ever nervous, I would tell myself “I had the guts to call Donna. This call is easier.”
Sure, I got brushed off lots of times, but I also got some dates, including the one with the woman I’ve been married to for 30 years. So I hope you are well. And know that your turning me down helped more than you can imagine.