Easy Money Street



They are going to annoy us into riding bikes everywhere. Well, unless you can't ride a bike because you don't have the physical ability. In that case, get on the bus.


@2 you misread the OP. They didn't say they disliked traffic improvements, they challenged us to name one. Were you out with the chicken pox when they were teaching reading comprehension?


"Commenters, OP disagree on meaning of 'traffic improvement,' film at 11."


I got one for you. S.E. Holgate blvd. They improved it by leaving it alone, except for the occasional re-paving. Make my donation to any charity for the homeless.


I'll bite, Pongo Fund for the charity. Willamette Blvd, from Kenton to St. Johns, they have improved it, wider bike lanes. I travel it both in car and on bike, still takes the same amount of time from A to B even with the reduced speed limit. Not to mention it is one of the prettier biking routes to see the city.


A couple of years ago I got a speeding ticket from one of those automatic cameras that they put on Hawthorne after dropping the speed limit from 30 to 20.

I sent the bail (in the full amount) in with the ticket , the judge secretly doubled my fine so that I had only paid half. Then it went to collections unbeknownst to me until many months later when the state tried to suspend my license. All in it was about $680 for going 28 in a 20. He did it because I included a letter with the ticket complaining about traffic flow like you do here. I still think he was a prick who abused his power, but it doesn't mean he wasn't right. The streets don't belong to you.