But not wonderful YOU, Holidays! For YOU -- a cut above the rest, always -- it's another day to eat, piss, shit, and think bad thoughts. It's another day to think ill, wish ill, tweet ill, Facebook ill, dream of fresh ills for all, all the time. It's another day to imagine horrible things about people whom you do not know but can guess are stupid, malignant wastrels. Happy Holidays, Holidays, and may all your dreams come true.


"OOOOO, you're a holiday, every day, such a holiday. Now it's my turn to say, and I say you're a holiday. -- It's something I think's worthwhile if the puppet makes you smile. If not, then you're throwing stones, throwing stones, throwing stones. (Chorus)" A life foretold by the BeeGees.


Sounds like you need a Ho Ho Ho, bitch.