Isn't it weird that right-wingers who have an almost sexual obsession with their guns say that they will fight "tooth n' nail" before the "gub'ment" takes them away? There's those NRA "pried from my cold dead hands," or "come and take it" talking points that they say all the time. Basically, they don't want the government taking what ain't theirs.


When it comes to Eminent Domain that the Trump administration is currently engaged in, seizing private property for his stupid Wall, his supporters have no issue with it at all. They use the taking of land for freeways example because they were probably ordered to use that talking point. So, they're all totally OK with the government taking what isn't theirs because it's Trump's idea.

To put the right's hypocrisy in simple terms:

The government taking your guns:
"Fight to the death! The 2nd Amendment! Cold dead hands! Freeeeedooom!"

The government taking your land:
"Meh. Trump said it's ok. Freeways... do you like them? Build the Wall!"