Trump Commands, They Follow...



Trump supporters are irrational, unthinking people. They have a need for an authoritarian leader to tell them what to think and do. A Big Daddy if you will.


Lulz. The left are never authoritarian, unthinking or irrational. All that violent opposition to free speech? Nothing authoritarian about it! Insisting that gays are born gay but women aren't born women? Perfectly rational!

The iron clad rule: The sin that a leftist accuses you of is the sin that they're guilty of. They are that clueless about projecting their own flaws onto others, while also insisting that they're VASTLY more enlightened than the rest of us evil dumb 'mericans.

Also imminent domain is a tool that is LITERALLY designed for when the government wants to build a road or... say, a wall.


Last week in Vancouver, a young woman was gunned down by her husband in the presence of her children. A Walmart in Multnomah County had done the right thing by denying his purchase of a gun; they ran a background check that revealed the gunman's long history of domestic violence. However, a bullshit judge set a bail amount within the murderer's reach AND THEN some gun-loving jackass made sure that the husband was armed and able to blast away at his wife as she sat in her car. It was like shooting fish in a barrel, except it was his wife sitting in a car with her children. Your fucking "well-regulated militia" strikes again.