Can somebody please send a dark and fucked up horror or thriller movie to a theater near me?
2019 has been pathetic- my choices this weekend include: 1. another limp dick movie about Mr. Rogers with Tom Hanks spending months wearing a sweater and learning all of his gentle lessons 2. Another Frozen with songs and lines to repeat- parents will daydream about suicide 3. ford vs ferrari- people on the edge of their seats to see which car is faster- heard an excited guy outside of the theater talking about how glad he was that they included a specific ferrari model in the movie-ugghh, 4. another charlie's angels- stupid out of date shit about a guy sending his 'angels' out on secret missions fucking hell, 5. Dr. Sleep- long boring shit that i fall asleep to at the Bagdad theater, 6. Irishman- 70 year old gangsters reliving their fake gangster days with Joe Pesci kicking somebody on the ground. What a pile of shit