To Self from the Future



Coin toss? 50/50?

No. Marriages work because people make them work. It takes both parties. It not only takes finding somebody to give your life to, but being someone that they are willing to give their life to.

Statistically your "analysis" may be correct, but there's a reason that some couples stay together through thick and thin, and until you understand that you'll never be worthy of someone else's love. Pity because no one should have to live such a loveless life.


There's a big difference between not being married and having "to live such a loveless life" @1. Some couple stay together through thick and thin...and never get married. I think the OP may be asking people to look beyond a ceremony and a certificate and instead build lives that meet their needs and not the legalistic/property arrangement society has sold us as the definition of a fulfilled, loving life. As they said, "there are so many reasonable and happy alternatives."