I'm Done



good luck.


"Thanks for getting high as fuck with me for the last decade. Now I'm going to stop, because I'm good and you're garbage, so GTFO." I hope your recovery is a lot stronger than your empathy.


@2 every recovering/recovered addict I've known has been a totally judgemental asshole. Just like every vegan I've ever known (especially the ones who become vegans after the age of 40).


I learned that whenever I was acutely judgemental about other users, relapse for me was imminent. It's not them -- it's you. I agree that the human race is a biology experiment gone wrong, BUT solitude will not help you, OP. You have to find a group of fiends [sic] who want to get into recovery and stay in recovery. It's a paradox, I know, but as Father John Misty points out: "I hate to say it, but each other is all we've got."


@5 I am just speaking from my personal experience (hence the "every one I've ever known" qualifier in the comment). I don't know you, so you're not included.


good for you. Lay off the meth. Been there. Not for long, but I dabbled. Nothing good comes from it.