I live in a dog poop minefield. My neighborhood has many dogs, and I love the area more for it! It's not the dogs fault that they need to go, but it IS the owners fault that they allow their pup to shit smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk and don't pick it up! I've literally seen people walk away after their dog leaves a steaming pile in the middle of the public walkway, no shame on their faces. We live in rainy city, and that means these lumps of waste are moistening on the sidewalk and smearing all over. My S.O. and I literally walk down the sidewalk going, "30 feet ahead there's a pile to the left, then 20 feet after that there's more on the right," just to get to our cars!
We have a year and a half old pupperino and she cranks 'em out like nobodies business, but we clean up after her every time - I can't imagine just leaving it for someone to step in. DAY RUINER!!!

Shame on all of you. Stop being lazy and just PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG.