I work at a coffee shop directly next to a bra shop. You two came in to get coffee after getting what was said to be the world's best bra fitting and the buying most comfortable bra to ever be. I was happy for you, I said that was just *awesome*. Your boyfriend(?), dad(?) person told me that it was such an amazing experience for bigger busted women, and then proceeded to tell me that I had small enough boobs that didn't need to go in. I myself, a poor little androgynous gay girl who only wears sports bras, looked down at my ant hill of a bust and almost agreed with you. Almost.
I mean, it IS true. I've never had much boob to give the world. REGARDLESS, this old man had decided that 30 seconds after we first met was the PERFECT time to tell me about my body and my boobs. Even though I found it pretty funny, I felt really gross after. Please, never ever think it is a good time to talk to your barista about his/her/their breast size. You may not only be being a yucky old man, but also be making someone who doesn't want their boobs / want their boobs seen feel really weird and out of body. Eat a dick, ya dick.